What we do

What do we do?

Our mission is to provide moral and humanitarian support to Myanmar in their struggle to regain their democratic and human rights. For that purpose, we designed Messages4Myanmar. Participants can send a message of support through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and get the opportunity to donate. These messages will be collected on the AmaAko website, which was designed for low-speed internet, as the military regime is limiting internet access. Through these messages and collected funds, we can show the people of Myanmar solidarity and that the world did not forget them and they are not alone in their struggle.

Where your donations will go

We have been independently vetted and verified by www.isupportmyanmar.com, the foremost group ensuring that fundraising organisations formed to support Myanmar in this crisis truly are trustworthy and effective.

Our collective activated all our networks inside and outside the country to identify, research and verify trustable channels where to direct this campaign’s funds. We have partnered with local NGOs and individuals on the ground who can help us provide detailed information about your donation journey as well as who are the direct beneficiaries of our financial support.

Our campaign donations will address 3 main current needs: food, medical services and freedom of press.


Support the most fragile individuals and families with food and basic needs. 

To show dissent to the military junta and its brutal violence, millions of government and essential workers are on strike. As a consequence, families are going hungry and many families have fled from their homes in response to persecutions. International organizations warn that a hunger crisis is on the horizon. Furthermore, the economy is in disarray and international companies’ withdrawal is leading to increased job losses. 

Our Partner: A locally and internationally recognised NGO with an established network that has been supporting families in need for over X years. We are in direct and frequent contact with the founder and manager who have intensified and redesign their efforts during these exceptionally difficult times. 

* The organization has asked to remain anonymous at this time as the military junta is cracking down on activism and funds to support any resistance against their control with persecution and arrests. 

Medical Services

Assist local organizations to provide emergency medical response to those wounded.

Doctors, nurses and ambulance volunteers are targeted and persecuted by the soldiers as they’re considered protesters’ supporters. Public hospitals have been occupied, plundered and just military hospitals are legal at this moment (included sources here). 

We support great organisations like Myanmar Emergency Medical Services. They established partnerships with a number of organizations to build a more stable and organized system for medical support and medical workers protection.

  1. 15 USD  = one emergency training for medical frontliners. 
  2. 12 USD  = one reusable mask to protect from Covid19
  3. 18 USD  = one tourniquet (tight bands used to stop the blood flow to gunshot wounds)
  4. 3 USD = food for 5 days for one medical frontline household
  5. * Funds will also support ambulance equipment, medicine and other sanitary materials according to actual need on-ground.

Freedom of Press

Promote the right of freedom of expression and media coverage of facts.

Journalists and photographers are another target of the military repression. The junta has declared non-state media illegal and has forced all national and independent media offices to close. Censorship tactics such as interruptions of telecommunication and internet access are preventing journalists and photographers from doing their jobs and exercising their rights of freedom of expression and press. With lack of reliable and unbiased information sources, the population and international communities are in danger of being uninformed of what is happening in Myanmar.

Our Partner: Journalists who have worked for a long time in Myanmar with direct connections within the journalists network in the country. We chose to rely on these individuals, as we can be in direct contact with them to understand the changing needs of the press and how we can support them through the right channels. 

  1. 10 USD = regular SIM top-up for journalists through Thailand
  2. Distribution of press kits (safety & security information, safety & first aid equipment)
  3. Medical emergencies for injured journalists and photographers
Please donate for Myanmar