What’s happening in Myanmar

The peaceful protests against the military coup on February 1st began in an optimistic, yet determined atmosphere. But the brutal reaction of the security forces sent the country into a spiral of violence directed at unarmed civilians. The people struggle to regain their democratic and human rights, and we wanted to give the public a chance to express support and donate. The Messages4Myanmar campaign lets the Myanmar people know they are not alone in their struggle.

People from across the country and from all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and ages joined the demonstrations to stand up for their young, decade-old democracy. A grassroots movement of civil disobedience took hold to resist the military regime. 

The security forces reacted with extreme and shocking violence against unarmed civilians. Soon after the batons of the riot police came the teargas and rubber bullets. Then came mass arrests and real bullets. Nightly raids and abductions followed. By now the people of Myanmar face snipers, torture and murder. Martial law has been declared in many cities and increasingly frequent internet blackouts are used to isolate the population and hide the junta’s crimes from the international gaze.

The police and military are shamelessly beating and killing the citizens they are supposed to protect, often out in the open and witnessed by smartphones which get these images into the world. Hundreds have died in the streets, many of them teens and students in their twenties. Ordinary people and public figures alike are in prison, not heard from since their arrests.

In this page we will provide you with updates of the current situation so you are aware of What’s happening in Myanmar.